Wall-Mounted Fireplace Ideas

A wall-mounted fire may be the solution to your prayers if you would like to experience the comforting view and toasty light of a roaring fire but do not have the floor space. 

Wall-Mounted Fireplace Ideas

This widely attractive interior design solution doesn’t just help you to make the most of small spaces, but it also keeps the wall-mounted fireplace at head level, creating a pleasing focal point.

Electric fireplaces mounted on the wall are a popular alternative for a supplemental heat source throughout your living space. There are numerous wall-mounted fireplace designs to choose from to light up your home. 

There are numerous advantages and advantages to designing around a bio-ethanol wall-mounted fireplace. Since they don’t have a flue, they generate no smoke, soot, or ash, so there is no need to worry about your new furnishings being ruined when you light the fire.

Wall fireplaces, on the other hand, give genuine flames as well as a good quantity of heat, making them a great-looking and completely functional focal point for your room. 

Continue reading to learn about 10 design concepts for a wall-mounted fireplace and how simple it is to create something unique.

What Is A Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace?

Wall-mounted electric fires are similar to built-in electric fireplaces in that they can be mounted on or recessed into a wall, but they do not sit within the wall. A wall-mounted electric fireplace will usually simulate flames while also providing heat via a heater.

A wall mounted electric fire is a type of electric fireplace that is fixed on the wall rather than on the ground. Many other types of power fireplaces have comparable, if not identical, functionality as wall-mounted electric fireplaces. 

This provides the ability to display realistic flame effects as well as provide additional heat to the room.

Depending on the model of fireplace, installing an electric fire onto a wall can be accomplished by mounting the unit directly to the wall or by mounting it to a bracket that is then fixed to the wall.

Do Electric Fireplaces on Walls Produce Heat?

The majority of wall-mounted electric fireplaces produce heat, typically in the form of a space heater that blasts air through a heat source, but infrared heaters may also be used.

It is also possible to purchase wall-mounted electric fireplaces that merely provide flame effects and do not provide any heat.

While there are a few varieties of wall-mounted electric fireplaces that do not create heat, the vast majority of wall-mounted electric fireplaces do.

Because heat is a by-product of a genuine fire, many electric fireplaces (which don’t have one) will use a heater to enhance the authenticity of the fire.

Are Wall-Mounted Fireplaces Realistic?

When it comes to creating a central focus on the wall of a space where a genuine fire can’t be placed, wall mounted electric fires are a terrific choice.

Although electric fires cannot replicate the experience of a traditional fireplace with a live fire, certain types can be surprisingly convincing. A wall mounted electric fire might be the ideal solution for transforming a blank wall in your home.

When using a traditional fan heater, wall-mounted electric fireplaces can be rather noisy. 

Most electric fireplaces, on the other hand, could be used with only the flame effects, that can be very quiet, and other models utilise an infrared warmer instead of a fan-forced heater, which is also very quiet.

10 Ideas For Wall-Mounted Fireplaces

Check out some of these great ideas for designing and decorating your perfect wall-mounted fireplace to improve the aesthetics of your living space.

1. Home Entertainment Hub

Combining a TV and a wall-mounted fireplace can significantly improve the atmosphere in your room. Below we’ll go through ideas for television and fireplace decor.

The television set and the fireplace suite on the wall should work together rather than against each other. 

Installing the TV along the same walls the fireplace is on, but higher up, makes a discreet home entertainment system, with your sofa or armchairs comfortably positioned in front for the best viewing angle.

Even if the wall is broader, mounting the Television and fireplace beside each other is not a smart fire breast wall design because it can look clunky. Instead of a wide look, build a television and fireplace wall together. 

2. A Traditional Country-Style Living Room

Install a wall-mounted white fireplace and use décor that complements the natural tone to produce a traditional country-style living area. 

A white finish gives your wall-mounted fireplace a soft, neutral touch, especially when paired with a complementing wooden mantel ledge and a neutral wall colour like ivory or other pale, light color. 

On the sofa, have a range of warm blankets and pillows, all in neutral tones, so that you can curl up and appreciate the flames.

3. Make Use Of Naturalistic Texture As Much As Possible

Make the most out of the texture surrounding your fireplace to give it a rustic atmosphere.

Thanks to an authentic-looking fireplace, a contemporary living room will display a relaxing and peaceful ambiance.

If you want to be sure you’re in the appropriate area, get a professional to build a fake wall including a fireplace recess. 

To establish chimney breast alcoves, build symmetric shelves on either side and use patterned wallpaper to add texture. Layer rustic colours like dark brown and mocha to create a multi-faceted effect.

4. Select Natural Wood

When it concerns the use of wood to enhance your décor, there are many distinct styles to choose from. Because of the adaptability of wood, wooden fire borders can be done following or creative designs.

For instance, if you want to go for a conventional, classic look, wood is a good choice because it adds an understated beauty to any space. Choose birch or pine for a more rustic look, while cherry for a much more sleek and modern look.

5. A Chimney Breast That Is Exposed

Create a contemporary living room including an open plan chimney breast, a popular artistic wall-mounted fireplace idea. It works well in both contemporary and more traditional settings.

You’ll also discover that revealing your chimney breast (see also ‘Chimney Decor Ideas‘) to produce a feature is a lot less work than beginning from scratch.

6. The Use Of White And Black

Make a wall-mounted fireplace the room’s focal point, decorate all around the fireplace and use that as a springboard for ideas. 

Use a harsh white and black color palette, such as with a black mantel and iron type fireplace, with crisp white walls and a white and black chimney or furniture, to create a dramatic effect.

One thing to keep in mind is that any fire surround should be painted with a specially designed paint that is resistant to heat to avoid bubbling. Give layers of grey to the color palette if you want to add more dimension to it.

7. Slate Surrounds

Slate offers limitless wall fireplace options, whether you pick a modest slate surround or more emphatic tiles that run all the way to the top of the room.

Welsh slate is a common choice, with tiling usually split down the slate’s own fault lines, creating a rustic aesthetic and showing the stone’s inherent grey, green and blue colours.

The density of tiles vary due to their traditional construction, giving them a natural appearance.

8. Centralized Storage

If your fireplace surround is in need of an update and you’re short on storage, incorporate more storage in any lounge wall decoration ideas.

If your wall-mounted fireplace’s décor is lacking, consider adding some additional bookshelves, which will allow you to exhibit not just books, but also memorabilia and other knickknacks.

Cupboards can be added beneath the shelves’ recesses to provide more personal storage space.

9. A Wall Fireplace That Is Bright And Open

If you’re on a budget, consider replacing the fire surround with a faux piled limestone surround. 

This is ideal for budget fireplace makeovers since it not only has the aesthetic of genuine limestone, and it’s less expensive, allowing you to achieve a sophisticated design without spending a lot of money.

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Another advantage is that because it’s made of lightweight material, it doesn’t need any extra floor protection. 

10. Cultivating An Artistic Mood

If your fire is at head level, you’ll have room above it to display a picture or tapestry, allowing you to show off your best art pieces. 

This will provide colour as well as attract people to the fireplace, particularly if the tones in the art reflect that of the fireplace and the room’s décor.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have discussed a few wall-mounted fireplace decorating ideas. The options are truly unlimited, and they cater to every aesthetic preference and budget. 

With some thought and planning ahead of time, you can design the fireplace of your desires, which may be as modern or rustic as you like.

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