Bedroom Fireplace Ideas that Will Make You Want to Snuggle Up

Nothing beats sitting in front of a roaring fire in the evening, except maybe lying in bed next to a roaring fire.

Having a fireplace in your bedroom is a feature most people aren’t lucky enough to have so make the most of it. 

Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

Even if your fireplace isn’t functional it is still something to be appreciated, and can be a great piece of art that you can take pride in every morning.

Here are some ideas to style your bedroom fireplace whether you decided to have one installed in, or already have a fireplace that is not being utilized to its full potential.

Decorate The Mantel

The most obvious way to stylize your fireplace is by decorating the mantel, but sometimes obvious is the most effective.

By simply adding some photo frames or maybe a pop of color with some flowers can really give a room that homey feeling.

You can even have your mantel be an extension of your vanity by using it to display your jewelry or perfume.

Pair this with a large mirror and some lighting to really give it that superstar feel.

If you have a TV above your fireplace you might be inclined to keep the mantel bare, but a few smaller pieces can really level up the fireplace while not obstructing your late night viewing. 


Don’t be afraid to paint your fireplace. This may seem like a crime to cover up beautiful stonework or wood but it can be an easy way to really tie the room together, and can be removed in the future with sanding or paint remover if you so wish.

Either by painting it the same color as the walls, contrasting it with a bold color, or keeping it simple in a monotone shade.

You can keep the original style of the fireplace and add your own personal design to it.

Of course if you want the fireplace to still be functional make sure to avoid painting the inside firebox and use a fire safe paint.


Even if your fireplace isn’t functional it can still be used as a form of light, this can be done in a number of ways but some of the most common is with string lights and candles.

Both are inexpensive and quick ways to give your bedroom a different mood. 

A few lit candles can give a room a romantic mood, perfect for the bedroom.

Or you can add some string lights to highlight any existing decorations and make your bedroom feel truly magical.


Give your old fireplace a geometric flair with some tiling. You can go simple with it or you can give your fireplace a unique flair with different colors and shapes.

This will take more time than putting a few ornaments on the mantel or lighting some candles but the end result will be like no other.

It will really make your fireplace stand out and be one of a kind.

Tiles also have the benefit of being easy to clean so you can always keep your bedroom in perfect condition.

Bedroom Fireplace Ideas (1)


While it may seem like a simple solution an empty fireplace can double as a stunning centerpiece and as storage. 

From old books to your favorite piece of artwork, you can use your fireplace as almost a display box for items you would normally have up on shelves or hidden in the attic.

You can even mimic a real fire and use the space to store logs.

You can even use your empty fireplace (see also ‘20 Empty Fireplace Ideas To Inspire You‘) to store furniture that isn’t always in use such as a footstool or extra cushions to really open up space in your bedroom.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes keeping something simple is the best way to make it really stand out.

This doesn’t just mean having straight lines and plain colors. Stripping back the fireplace to its original beauty can be just as effective as redecorating it.

A lot can be said for a beautiful exposed brick fireplace and or a statement oak surround. 

Sometimes restoring an old fireplace can be very cost effective, especially if you are able to do it yourself with a bit of elbow grease and love.

You also get the rewarding feeling of keeping a bit of history alive in your home.

Electric Fire

If you don’t have a functional fireplace a great replacement is an electric insert fireplace.

This stylish alternative is great for those who want a more modern look but the ambience of a lit fire.

Electric fireplaces come in a variety of styles to match whatever the design of your bedroom is.

If you want one to match as closely to a real fire as possible you can, or you can go extra and have the fire change color.

They can also be a safer option for all those times you might accidentally fall asleep while having a real fire blazing in your room.

When installing an electric fireplace make sure to consult a professional to ensure you are getting the right model for your home.

Final Thoughts

Most people spend about 8 hours at least in their bedroom every day. That is a third of the whole day so your bedroom needs to be as cozy as possible.

Especially since it is the room you sleep in. Even if you aren’t looking at the room you need to feel comfortable enough to get the rest you need to take on life head on.

A fireplace is able to make a whole room feel more relaxed, even without being lit.

Embrace the unique feature of your bedroom and really make it the centerpiece of the room.

If you want to really dress it up or keep it minimalistic it will always be a conversation starter so make it an extension of who you are.

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