Off-Center Fireplaces: The Secret to Creating a Unique and Dynamic Feature

Making a fireplace the main focal point of a living room is popular because fireplaces are eye-catching.

Styling your fireplace correctly can help the design of your entire room, but what if your fireplace is off-center? How do you connect it to the rest of the room?

Off-Center Fireplace Design Ideas

If you have a fireplace that isn’t positioned in the center of a room, it can be a struggle to design the rest of the room.

However, having an off-center fireplace can be incredibly creative and it can look unique and cozy in your room.

You can find out more about different off-center fireplace ideas below!

This article will explain to you some off-center fireplace design ideas to help you make the most of your fireplace and to connect it to the rest of your room to avoid it looking out of place.

Find out more below to create a comforting and warm atmosphere in your home for you and your family!

Why Are Off-Center Fireplaces Difficult To Style?

If you are positioning your fireplace off-center, it is important to design your room so that it looks balanced.

One of the main risks of having an off-center fireplace is that the room looks too cluttered on one side and too bare on the other, so finding the right balance in the room will create a better visual. 

Lots of people struggle to maintain a good balance in a room with an off-center fireplace, but when it works, it can look both striking and cozy.

There are many different ideas for off-center fireplaces that will showcase your fireplace and create a continuous design flow throughout the room.

Off-Center Fireplace Design Ideas

There are lots of different off-center fireplace ideas that you can implement into your home that will complete the look of your room.

Designing your room correctly will make your room look visually appealing and comfortable, so find out how to do this below!

Position The Furniture Facing The Off-Center Fireplace

If your fireplace is not in the center of your room, you can create an area where some furniture is pointing towards the fireplace. This works well in a large room where the fireplace is slotted into the corner.

You can have comfortable chairs or small sofas facing the fireplace, creating an intimate space where you can relax and feel comfortable. 

Having the TV mounted to the wall allows you to create the main focal point of the room as it will draw people’s attention as soon as they walk into the room.

If you do not want to mount the TV to the wall, you can place a piece of art or a mirror above the fireplace to create a unique focal point that isn’t led by your TV.

Place A Lengthened Mirror Over The Fireplace

If you decide to place a mirror over an off-center fireplace in the corner of a room, using a lengthened mirror will provide balance to the room.

The lengthened mirror will create the illusion that the fireplace is taller, creating balance in the room and making the fireplace the main focal point of the room. 

Using accessories throughout the room with a color scheme running through will connect the fireplace to the whole room.

Stacking cushions and throws with different textures and different shades of the same color will balance the room, and adding color to the mantel through picture frames and vases will bring the room together to create balance. 

Create Symmetry 

As the fireplace is off-center, creating symmetry can restore balance to the room and create a more pleasing appearance.

You can create symmetry by adding the same decor to both sides of the fireplace, such as adding the same smaller mirrors on either side and the same candles on both sides too. 

The mirrors above the off-center fireplace will balance the room, which can then be mimicked in the layout of the furniture.

Positioning the same sofas and chairs facing each other will balance the rest of the room and create a continuous flow throughout the room. Eyes will not be drawn to any imbalance, instead, they will feel comforted. 

Underneath The Stairs

A creative way to install your off-center fireplace is underneath the stairs. You can have a modern fireplace installed that is floating underneath the stairs to create a modern look in the room and to fill space.

This works very well for open-plan rooms where there is no room on the walls for a fireplace. 

The artificial fireplace will work well in the room and create warmth. The fireplace would bring the room together as the wall underneath the stairs may not be used for anything else, so it would feel disconnected from the rest of the room.

It will create a warm and cozy atmosphere in an open-plan room that could potentially feel cold and empty. 

Off-Center Fireplace Design Ideas (1)

Install A Floating Mantel

If you have an artificial off-center fireplace installed in your home, installing a floating mantel that matches the beams on your ceiling will connect the fireplace to the whole room.

Off-center fireplaces can look disconnected and out of place, but having a floating mantel that matches the ceiling beams will create a focal point in the room. 

Once the mantel has been installed, you can add decor to the mantel that matches the decor that is already present in the room.

If there are shades of blue, green, black, red, or gold in your room, you can connect the off-center fireplace to the room by adding these colors on top of the mantel. 

Paint The Fireplace The Same Color As The Wall

If your off-center fireplace is situated next to a window that is in the center of the room, painting the fireplace the same color as the wall will create an elegant look that doesn’t look out of place.

Having the fireplace the same color as the wall will not cause it to look pushed aside, instead, it will blend in with the room and look stylish. 

If you have white walls, painting the fireplace white is elegant, but it can tend to look flat if you leave it like that. Add texture to the fireplace through brickwork or through different ornaments to give the fireplace depth.

Adding a mirror over the fireplace will extend the fireplace and help it stand out. 

Do Not Use Red Brickwork

If the color scheme throughout your living room is muted with neutral tones like beige, white, or gray, then having red exposed brick will further emphasize the off-center fireplace.

Keeping the brickwork will accentuate the wall, but painting the brick to suit your color scheme will connect the off-center fireplace to the rest of the room. 

Painting the brickwork will not make the fireplace look off-center, instead, it will look like part of the room.

The textured brick will allow the fireplace to be the main focal point of the room for the right reasons, instead of the fireplace looking out of place.

Matching the brickwork to the color scheme of the room will harmonize the room. 

Why Is Styling An Off-Center Fireplace Important?

People can instantly assume that having an off-center fireplace will not look correct in a living room, but it doesn’t matter how the fireplace is positioned.

The main problem that people have is how the room is designed to fit in the fireplace, which is what will make the fireplace look out of place, not where it is positioned. 

Styling the room correctly to accommodate an off-center fireplace will create a flow of color and design throughout the room. It is important to connect the fireplace with the rest of the room so that it looks like a part of the decor.

Having a fireplace that looks out of place will create an uncomfortable vision for your guests when they enter the room. 

Why Have An Off-Center Fireplace?

Having an off-center fireplace can create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Sections of the room that may not have been used for anything can accommodate a fireplace when it is styled correctly, which can add warmth to the room.

Having too much space in a room can cause it to look cold, but an off-center fireplace can add comfort.

If you enjoy designing and styling rooms, off-center fireplaces can be a task, but they are very individual.

You can be creative with your off-center fireplace design and create a unique look that is special and individual to you. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are lots of different off-center fireplace design ideas that you can implement in your home to avoid your fireplace looking out of place.

Bringing the fireplace and the room together is important when you have an off-center fireplace as you do not want the room to look disconnected or imbalanced. 

You can create balance in the room by adding texture, color, and decor to the fireplace to make it look like a part of the room.

This will tie the room and your fireplace together to create a well-designed and balanced room that is warm and comfortable. 

Stevie Morris