Creating Ambiance With A Fireplace

Creating the right ambiance in your house can be challenging, especially if you aren’t a big designer. You have to consider lighting, space, and many other factors to create the perfect level of ambiance. 

Creating Ambiance With A Fireplace

A great way to add ambiance to your home is by using a fireplace. They might seem outdated today, but you’d be surprised by how well fireplaces create a mood in whatever room you choose to put them in. 

If you want to create an ambiance with a fireplace, you have come to the right place! 

Creating Ambience With A Fireplace

We have put together a list of tips and tricks that you can use to create the perfect ambiance in your home by using a fireplace as the centerpiece.

When you use these ideas for yourself, you will love how much your fireplace will elevate your home. Guests will find your design prowess incredible, and you will feel much better about your own space! 


One of the biggest ways you can create a fantastic ambiance with a fireplace is by adding extra lighting around it.

This might seem strange because your fireplace is already a lighting source, but adding more creates different moods and vibes that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. 

Multiple lighting levels can add depth and dimension to the whole room, making it appear bigger, cozier, or whatever else you want.

There are so many different ways you can play around with the lighting, so let’s look at some ways you can do this! 

Fireplace with two lamps creating lighting on mantel. Fireplace guard. Stylish traditional room.

Playing With Light Levels

Playing around with different light levels around your fireplace is the best way to start when it comes to working out the best lighting for your space around the fireplace. You can mess around with different light levels to find the perfect fit for your home. 

Different light sources will allow you different brightness levels, so play around with combining things like floor lamps and LED lights. You will eventually find the right combination that fits your needs. 

Hidden Lighting

If you want to add extra lighting to your fireplace area but don’t want it to clutter the space up, you can experiment with hidden lighting. This allows you to add extra ambiance and lighting levels without disrupting the space. 

Sometimes, less is more; this is a perfect example of that! You can also be creative in your approach to hidden lighting because it can be added in so many different ways.

Try adding it behind your TV, the fireplace, or even any shelves or mantelpieces! 

Subtle down lighting above fireplace. Marble surround. Wood flooring.

Natural Lighting

If you don’t want to add artificial lighting, the next best thing you can do is capitalize on natural lighting.

Seeing everything outside while you are cozied up to the fireplace is one of the most relaxing things you can do, and that alone creates a fantastic ambiance. 

If you haven’t settled on the location of your fireplace, try placing it next to or near the windows. You’ll be surprised how much ambiance this simple trick can create. 

Focal Point

Another great way to create ambiance with a fireplace is by making a brilliant focal point in your space.

Focal points allow you to draw all the attention to a particular space, and everything else will be a complimentary background piece. This creates a lot of depth, and the vibe of the whole room will change depending on how you go about it. 

The next fireplace, created through the display of stacked logs, is the room’s focal point, and the antique mirror only adds to its charm. The mirror elegantly frames the fireplace, creating a visually stunning display.

As seen in the picture, the antique mirror not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the fireplace but also serves to highlight and frame it.

Empty fireplace and antique mirror. logs stacked in the fireplace. White fireplace surround and walls.
Picture courtesy of thisoldclintonvillehouse


A very popular thing used to create the best focal point is, of course, mirrors. Whenever anyone sees a mirror, their eyes are instantly drawn to it, and when they are big mirrors, they are even harder to ignore. 

Mirrors can also be used to create the illusion that the room is much bigger than it actually is, making you feel more relaxed. To make the mirror more effective, ensure the frame matches the rest of the room’s color scheme. 

Mirror above fireplace. Stone vaneer fireplace surround.

Keep Everything In The Center

The most important thing to remember when creating a focal point is to keep everything in the center.

The fireplace is already likely to be in the center of the room, and that’s because it’s in a balanced position where everyone will be able to see and enjoy it. 

To capitalize on the benefits of a focal point, make sure your TV, ornaments, and anything else stick to this same rule. It will make the whole room feel more balanced, tidy, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

Parallel Seating

Another thing that helps make a focal point better is the seating position. You must ensure that all of your seating – including all sofas and chairs – is parallel to the fireplace. 

When your seating is in the perfect parallel position, it is easier for your eyes to wander to the focal point. When your eyes do this naturally, it creates a beautiful ambiance in the room without putting too much effort into the space. 


The best kind of ambiance works hand-in-hand with coziness. The cozier your room is, the more likely you feel relaxed, and the easier it will be to achieve the ambiance you are trying to create.

Fireplaces are already incredibly cozy, but you can do a few extra things to boost that coziness. 

Modern three sided fireplace. Next to dining room creating cozy atmosphere.

Warm Lighting

If you do decide that you want to add extra lighting, then make sure you keep it warm. Colors like yellows and oranges are perfect for this and will compliment the fireplace perfectly. 

Avoid cooler colors such as whites, blues, and very light yellows. Although this can work in some situations and setups, it will often wash out the fireplace’s color and make the room look disjointed. 

Decorate Sparingly

The decor you choose to use will either make or break the ambiance of your fireplace and space. Although you will need to add some decorative features to the room and the fireplace, make sure you decorate sparingly. 

Overdoing the decor and adding too much will make the room feel messier and smaller. 

Use Plants

Using plants is a great way to decorate the area by and around your fireplace without going too over the top. 

Plants add a very soothing and relaxing feeling to your room, and they can make the space feel cozy. If you do use plants, make sure that you keep them far enough away from the open flames! 

Electric fireplace. White fireplace surround. Plants surrounding the fireplace.


Creating an ambiance with a fireplace can seem quite challenging at first, but if you use the tips and ideas we have provided, you will be able to create an incredibly comfy space in no time! 

Ambiance makes a whole room better, so try this out for yourself!

Stevie Morris