About Us

Fireplace Ideas are here to help you find your next fireplace.

We help by providing you with all the knowledge needed to choose the right style, the right fuel source for a fireplace that’s right for your lifestyle.

We help by sharing our fireplace ideas, reviews and guides. Our advice is always impartial, we don’t sell the fireplaces just give you all the information.

As a qualified electrician, I have installed countless electric fires and worked on projects with all types of fireplaces. This includes wood burning, bio ethanol and gas installations.

By working hands on with different fireplace brands, you quickly become an expert on the best fireplaces and those that you are best avoiding.

My family also own the largest online retailer of fire pits and outdoor fireplaces in the UK. Although I am not part of the family business, I regularly help out when needed.

I hope you can benefit from my experience and my impartiality, which I have gained from installing fireplaces and from seeing the families fire pit business grow over the years.

In August 2022, we are also excited to announce the acquisition of Indecora, a well respected Interior Design and Home Decor Magazine.