Wall-Mounted Fireplaces: A Guide to the Top Picks and Features

Do you want to add some decoration to your walls while also heating your home? Check out this list of the best wall-mounted fireplaces for your home.

Wall-mounted fireplaces, also known as wall-hanging fireplaces, are a fantastic space-saving way to experience the ambiance of a real fire.

Best Wall Mounted Fireplace

Wall mount fireplaces do not need to be recessed into a wall like other types of electric fireplaces, making them simple to install and suitable for the majority of your home's flat walls.

To prevent excessive protrusion from the wall, they are designed to be as thin as possible.

Despite being smaller than other types of fireplaces, they are still able to produce a huge amount of heat to warm up your space. 

If you are looking for a wall-mounted fireplace for your home, you will love this list.

We have produced this complete guide to the best wall-mounted fireplaces on the market today.

We will cover the pros and cons of each of these fireplaces, and at the end, we have added a detailed buyers guide so you can see all of the features that you should keep an eye out for. 

Let’s get on with the list!


If you want the best of the best, then the 80001 is the best option for you.

It is affordable, huge (50" wide), has extremely lifelike flames, and has a built-in space heater.

And because it is a wall-mounted (not recessed) fireplace, installation takes only minutes.

The 80001 is one of the most straightforward and inexpensive ways to spice up a blank and plain-looking wall.

With its realistic flames and ember bed, the 50-inch-wide electric fireplace becomes the main point of the room and nicely ties it together.

You can choose between two distinct styles. If you are more of a traditionalist, then you get get the log set, which looks like real logs are burning in a fire.

If you prefer a more modern appearance, substitute the logs crystals.

The fireplace includes both the wood set and the crystals, enabling you to switch between them at any time.

There are five levels of flame brightness and intensity, ranging from a faint light to a massive inferno.

LED illumination produces flame effects on the glass surface of the 80001, making it safe for children and pets to touch.

The only area that turns quite warm is the top, where the heat vents are located.

If you wish to install the 80001 electric fireplace behind your television, you must leave a minimum distance of two feet between the vents and the television.

The heater is designed to provide supplemental heat for spaces measuring up to 400 square feet.

You may select the 750W heat setting for smaller rooms or when the room is already warm.

Installation is straightforward and quick, with no specialist being required. Mounting hardware and brackets are included with the fireplace.

You will just require an efficient drill. The fireplace plugs into a standard outlet and there is no need to employ an electrician for hardwiring.

As it has a thickness of about 5.50 inches, this fireplace does not protrude too far from the wall so you shouldn’t have any accidents bumping into it.

Because of the design, when looking into the fireplace it seems like the device is deeper than it is, creating a 3D effect that many customers love. 

You may adjust the heater's heat and flame effect, turn it on/off, and set an auto-off timer with the 80001's remote.

The heater does not have a thermostat, however, which is a slight downside.

The heat output may only be adjusted between a maximum of 1500W and a minimum of 750W.

The heater cannot be set to a certain setting and maintained.

Another worry is the noise level. The heater's fan is rather noisy, especially when the maximum heat setting is selected.

The 80001 Onyx is a good choice for individuals in search of a budget-friendly wall-mounted electric fireplace with realistic flames and a built-in heater.


  • Very realistic - the flame effects and the burning logs give the illusion that this fireplace is using real flames
  • Logs and crystals - choose whichever set matches your style best. If you get bored with one, you can easily switch out for the other as both the logs and crystals come included in the purchase
  • Remote - you won’t have to get up to change any settings thanks to the remote


  • A bit loud - when on the highest setting, this fireplace can be noticeably noisy
  • No thermostat - this means that you lack the precise control over the temperature

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If you don't want to recess a wall-mounted electric fireplace and don't want a huge box hanging on your wall, the R.W.FLAME 50-inch electric fireplace is the right solution for you.

Its 3.80-inch thickness gives it a more streamlined appearance than comparable wall-mounted electric fireplaces you'll find on the market.

If you like an even more streamlined appearance, you have the option to recess it, but at the cost of additional work and installation time.

The R.W.FLAME electric fireplace can either be surface-mounted or recessed. Due to the tiny profile of the design, any installation method works beautifully.

If you want to install it, it will not protrude too far from the wall.

If you prefer a more streamlined appearance, you may pay an electrician to hardwire it, particularly if you go for the recessed model.

The flames look to be extremely realistic. The most striking feature, however, is the color and brightness effects that may be customized.

There are five flame speeds, five levels of brightness, and twelve flame and bed colors to choose from.

This allows you to alter the fireplace according to your mood or the time of day.

The built-in heater has a heating capability of 1500W, which is appropriate for rooms up to 400 square feet in size.

On warmer days or for smaller spaces, 750W might be utilized.

The heater has an automatic shutdown switch in the event that it becomes too hot.

You may set an auto-off timer if you are concerned about forgetting to turn off the heater before going to bed or leaving for work.

All of these features and settings may be adjusted easily using the fireplace's touch-screen control panel or the included remote.

The R.W.FLAME is not a conventional-looking electric wall-mounted fireplace. The R.W.FLAME replaces logs with crystals for the ember bed.

It is possible to adjust the flame color to a standard yellow tint, but it lacks the rustic look of an electric fireplace with synthetic wood.

The R.W.FLAME 50-inch electric fireplace is a great choice for individuals in search of a sleek, contemporary electric fireplace that can be mounted on or into the wall.


  • Very thin - being just 3.8” thick, this is a super-thin fireplace that takes up hardly any space
  • Lots of customization - with this fireplace, you can change the speed of the flames, the colors, and the brightness
  • 2 heat levels - if it is just a bit chilly then you can choose the lower heat setting, but if it is very cold you can turn up the heat
  • Safety features - if this fireplace gets too hot somehow, then it will automatically shut off


  • Does not have traditional look - this fireplace does not come with a log set and instead has a more modern design

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On a large wall, a 60-inch electric fireplace will look nicer than a 50-inch one.

The Regal Flame Denali is one of the best 60-inch wall-mounted electric fireplaces.

It contains two ember bed textures (crystals or logs) and varied flame effects.

As this fireplace will become the focal point of any room that it is put in, it is ideally suited for decorating a large wall.

This is an electric fireplace fixed on the wall. However, it is only 4.6 inches deep, keeping it from seeming too boxy when mounted on the wall.

The flames flicker convincingly and are bright enough to brighten a room with natural light.

You cannot alter the flame's brightness, but you may choose between three distinct hues.

Crystals and logs are included in the electric Regal Fame Denali fireplace.

This allows you to have some customization over how the fireplace will look in the room.

The logs have a traditional aspect, whilst the crystals offer a contemporary look.

As with other electric fireplaces, the Regal Fame Denali has a built-in heater.

With a maximum output of 1500W, it can heat an area of up to 400 square feet. Additionally, the 750W heat setting is available.

On warm days, you may turn off the heat entirely and simply enjoy the look of the fire.

The Regal Fame Denali has a remote for easy access to all settings and functionalities.

In addition to controlling the heat and flames, it is possible to set a timer for up to 7.5 hours.

The most common complaint from consumers is that heat is directed upwards rather than outwards from the vents.

It takes time for the heat to become noticeable.

Activating the overhead fan is one approach for improving dispersion and speeding up the heating of your room.

The Regal Fame Denali electric fireplace is the optimal choice for expansive spaces as it is bigger than most wall-mounted electric fireplaces.


  • Ideal for bigger homes - if you have a large empty wall that needs some decoration, then this is an ideal option
  • Remote control - control this fireplace without having to get up
  • Realistic flames - these flames are able to bathe your room in natural-looking firelight. You can also change the effects of the flames to your liking


  • Takes a while to heat a room - this is because the heat vents are located at the top of the fireplace rather than at the front, so it takes a while for the heat to circulate around the room

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Want an elegant wall mount fireplace? 74-mm DIMPLEX Prism fireplace is a good option for you then.

The Prism by DIMPLEX is a big electric fireplace, coming in at 74 inches wide. Standard electric fireplaces are 50 inches wide.

Large homes that demand a fireplace that grabs everyone's attention will benefit from the extended design.

The acrylic crystal ember bed and black accents lend a contemporary look to the DIMPLEX Prism.

You may alter the color palette to match the modern outside design or to balance it with a more traditional flame pattern.

Despite its large size, it delivers the same heating performance as smaller electric fireplaces.

If you use it to heat a place larger than 400 square feet, it will work poorly.

You will enjoy the thermostatic control on the heater. The majority of heaters simply offer two heat settings: high and low.

The remote control for the DIMPLEX Prism has buttons for low heat and high heat, as well as two extra buttons for setting a specific temperature.

The current temperature is shown on the fireplace's floating display.

The DIMPLEX Prism 74 is well worth the cost.

The construction quality is superior, the aesthetics are great, and it readily fills a large area with a modern aesthetic.

The 74-inch DIMPLEX Prism electric fireplace lacks an electrical cable.

Whether the fixture is recessed or wall-mounted, it must be hardwired by an electrician. Hardwiring maintains the fireplace's clean appearance.

If you don't mind the cost, the DIMPLEX Prism 74 is an amazing choice. 


  • Ideal for large rooms - this fireplace is very big so can become the focal point of any large room 
  • Adjustable features - change the color or brightness of the flames to suit your style
  • Thermostat - choose the specific temperature that is right for you


  • Must be hardwired - this means that you cannot install it yourself and must hire an electrician, which adds to the overall cost

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Buyers Guide

Location And Size

The number in the name of each wall-mountable fireplace indicates the unit's inch-based size. For example, the DIMPLEX Prism 74″ is 74 inches wide.

Because of this, while picking an electric fireplace for your wall, you will need to consider which width is optimal for its placement.

Numerous varieties of fireplaces are available in various sizes, allowing you to select the ideal one for your home. Some may also be recessed into a wall or used freestanding if you decide to relocate them.


The flame effects and heater of electric fireplaces require electricity from the home's electrical supply.

Some electric wall-mounted fireplaces will include plugs. Therefore, the fireplace must be erected on a wall with a standard electrical outlet nearby, or one must be installed to fit the fireplace's location.

Others will arrive as a direct wire unit that must be wired into your home's electrical system, although many may be purchased with plug kits that allow you to plug the appliance into an electrical outlet rather than wire it in directly.


Your choice of a wall-mounted electric fireplace will rely on your preferences for flame effects and the appearance of the ember bed. Orange, yellow, and blue are the most typical flame hues.

There may also be fires with beds of coal or rock embers. Logs and glass are the most common ember bed materials, although you may also find fireplaces with coal or rock ember beds.

Heating Ability

Each of the electric fireplaces on our list includes a built-in heater, allowing you to enjoy the flames while keeping the room toasty. All fireplaces will advertise how big of an area they can heat effectively (eg, the Regal Flame Denali Black Wall Mounted Fireplace can heat a space of up to 400 square feet). 

You should look for an electric fireplace with thermostatic heat control if you need to keep a constant temperature in a room.

Extra Features

The majority of these electric fireplaces incorporate a remote control, however, some are more functional than others.

Some remotes may be capable of controlling all of the fireplace's settings, while others may only be able to operate the flame effects or heater.

In addition to flame effects, several models have ambient lighting that contributes to the atmosphere.


Included among the additional choices for your electric wall-mounted fireplace are extended warranties and sound effect systems.

Depending on the model, some may offer additional lighting or a selection of ember bed alternatives.

Stevie Morris