Heat Boss Heater: A Review of the Pros and Cons

Heat Boss is a space heater that is designed to heat small rooms under 250 square feet.

Heat Boss claims that the heater is small and portable, while their heat delivery system claims to be quiet as a whisper. 

When you search for the Heat Boss online, you’ll notice that the brand promotes its ‘As Seen On TV’ label.

However, this promotion on television status doesn’t tell consumers whether the product is reliable or not. 

Heat Boss Heater Review

To help you decide whether you should purchase the heater or not, we’ll review the Heat Boss in depth below.

We’ll cover certain features that the heater claims to possess, including its thermo-ceramic technology and cool outer exterior. 

You’ll also find a list of its pros and cons to make it easier to decide if the heater is the right purchase for you. 

To find out whether the Heat Boss heater is worth the money or not, have a read of our review below! 

Thermo-Ceramic Technology

The Heat Boss heater claims to use thermo-ceramic technology which involves ceramic heating.

The Heat Boss, along with other ceramic convective models, electrically heats aluminum areas within the heater. 

The heat will then move towards the ceramic heating components, then a fan will direct cool air over the metal and ceramic parts inside the heater.

As it does this, the air will heat up and become warm.  

This process is how the Heat Boss creates hot air. The company that creates Heat Boss states that you can use the heater outside, but these statements aren’t proven. 

The Heat Boss has other notable features. The heater has a filter, referred to as their ‘True Shield’.

They maintain that the filter works to remove smells from the surrounding air. It also has six built-in LED lights which can act as a night light for younger children.  

Price Comparison

You can buy the Heat Boss at their website, BuyHeatBoss.com. For $39.99, the Heat Boss Space Heater comes with one appliance and free shipping and handling. 

However, a quick search reveals that you can purchase several other competitors’ products for less money.

For instance, Amazon’s Ceramic Small Heater is just $22.01. Their oscillating model costs just slightly more, at $33.23.

You can find many more alternative ceramic heaters on the market for less than what you would pay for the Heat Boss.

Other heater models have additional features that aren’t on the Heat Boss, like oscillation and thermostats. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Heat Boss

Here you’ll find the pros and cons of the Heat Boss heater. 

Advantages of the Heat Boss

Heats Up Fast – The Heat Boss device has ceramic plates which easily take in heat.

As they absorb the heat, the metal becomes hot, quickly reaching the optimum temperature. The device also cools down relatively quickly when it’s turned off or disconnected from power. 

Energy Efficient Device – The heater uses 1200 watts of power, which uses much less energy than larger heaters. Another advantage of the Heat Boss heating up quickly is that it doesn’t waste energy while doing so. 

Light and Travel Friendly – The heater uses ceramic components which are naturally lightweight. Its small size and light structure make it portable and easy to travel with. 

Relatively Affordable – At under $40, the Heat Boss is quite affordable, though other similar heaters cost less. 

Cool Outer Shell – The heater is surrounded by a plastic coating that resists heat well. This makes the device safer to handle when in use. 

Disadvantages of the Heat Boss

Absence of Safety Features – The heater isn’t equipped with important safety features that are seen on other models.

For instance, overheat protection would be ideal, as the heater would automatically turn off if its temperature was too hot.

Another critical feature it lacks is tip-over protection, which would make the heater switch off if it is knocked over. 

Cools Down Too Fast – When the heater switches off, the device cools down very fast.

This might be an advantage to some, but this means that any warmth the heater produced will dissipate as soon as it is switched off.

Air Flow Can Be Interrupted – The heater is designed to radiate hot air, but this means that the airflow can be blocked if any items are in its path.

This will prevent warmth from reaching certain areas around the room.

Unsuitable For Those With Allergies – Ceramic heaters, including the Heat Boss, aren’t suitable for those with breathing issues.

It’s important to keep any areas that use ceramic heaters well ventilated, especially if you live with asthma or any other breathing conditions. 

Other Things To Consider About The Heat Boss

Other Things To Consider About The Heat Boss

Needs A Flat Surface

The heater needs to be placed on a flat surface before it can be used. Whether you want to heat up a bedroom, office, or bathroom, you’ll need an even table or counter for it to rest on. 

The surface should also be near a functioning electrical outlet so you can plug the heater in, as it cannot run on batteries alone. 

LED Light Brightness 

One of the buttons on the heater controls the LED lights. There are six shades of light to choose from: red, cyan, purple, blue, and two different shades of green. 

The LED light isn’t too bright, but it does give off a gentle glow. This is a nice amount of brightness for use as a night light as it shouldn’t keep people awake while it’s turned on. 

Power Supply

The heater will be connected to your mains electricity outlet in your home or office. 

The Heat Boss claims it is portable, but it isn’t equipped with any rechargeable batteries, so it always needs to be linked to a wall outlet.

This means that you cannot use it in several outdoor locations, for instance, when camping or in areas without electricity. 

No Oscillation Feature

One of the main disadvantages of the Heat Boss is that the heater doesn’t oscillate. 

Several other space heaters do have an oscillating feature, and some of these, like Give Best’s Space Heater, cost less than the Heat Boss. 

The Heat Boss heater offers basic heating and lacks a lot of other features. 

No Thermostat Feature

The heater isn’t equipped with a thermostat, which means that it cannot automatically manage its temperature.

The device will keep working until you manually switch it off. 

The setting button on the device controls the fan’s speed, but not its heat level. 

Heats Up Efficiently

The Heat Boss is good at delivering moderate amounts of heat. It works well in small rooms that aren’t too cold, but not larger ones or in colder climates. 

The claim that the Heat Boss can heat rooms up to 250 square feet is an overstatement.

You would need to purchase several of these heaters to heat a room of this size. 

Despite this, the Heat Boss can work well acting as a personal heater. Its size and ceramic plates are good at warming up a single person.

You’ll need to be no more than a few feet away from the heater to feel the heat, which isn’t a huge issue for one individual. 

Noise Level

The Heat Boss did claim that it was ‘whisper quiet’, but this claim is an exaggeration. The heater actually produces quite a lot of noise, which isn’t ideal for use in office environments or home studies. 

If the noise doesn’t bother you, you may find success using the Heat Boss to warm you up while sitting at your desk.

Its compact size will fit in well underneath a desk. 

Multiple Heaters

The Heat Boss doesn’t deliver heat further than a few feet, but a few of these devices positioned around a room will warm it up in less than half an hour.

By itself, the heater will not work well to heat large rooms. Several users have reviewed that the heater did not warm up their living rooms and felt short of expectations. 

The Heat Boss claims to be a space heater, but we’ve found that it’s better to use it as a personal heater.

Despite this, there isn’t any automatic shut off option, so you’ll have to manually turn it off and on each time. This can be frustrating when a single person is trying to relax. 

Faint Fan 

The heater’s fan isn’t very powerful. The Heat Boss has a light in its interior that shines red when it’s in use.

The red glow is deceptive, as it can mislead users into thinking that the ceramic plates are red hot, when in fact it’s just the light.  

The Bottom Line

The Heat Boss might heat up quickly, but the model has too many drawbacks in comparison to its advantages. 

The most significant issue is that it isn’t equipped with many safety features. Several other models on the market have critical safety features, even models at a lower price. 

The heater is also marketed as quiet and portable, but it actually produces a moderate amount of noise and can only be used when plugged into a wall outlet.

It is small and lightweight, but as it can’t use rechargeable batteries, it isn’t as portable as the marketing would have you believe. 

Overall, you can buy other compact heaters for the same price that are equipped with other important features, like a thermostat, oscillation, and a timer.

Stevie Morris