What Is A Quartz Heater?

Infrared heating is the process of using radiative heat transfer to heat up an object. The electromagnetic spectrum includes infrared, which has a frequency lower than visible light.  The energy and radiation from the infrared light spectrum are produced by an electrical heating element and then delivered to the target item. In the 1800s, William …

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Pelonis Heater Review

Pelonis is a US-based home appliances brand that was founded in 1995. This brand focuses on appliances such as heaters, fans, and air coolers, and has gained popularity over the years. If you are thinking of buying one of the heaters that Pelonis has to offer and want to know what you’re getting into, stick …

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Zen Heater Review

This small heater is a significant innovation in heating systems due to its enormous portability and ease of use. It saves space, time, and energy while also saving a lot of money.  Instead of bulky large heaters, this heating system in each room plugged into the socket provides small and convenient self-regulated heat and even …

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