Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces: A Review of the Most Efficient and Stylish

Are you seeking out the very best kind of wall-mounted electric fireplace? But don’t know which to acquire?

If so, this guide is intended for you.

There are two different types of electric wall fireplaces, wall-mounted and recessed, in addition to a range of sizes, media options, heating coverages, and finishes.

Despite the fact that this may sound difficult, we are here to make things easy for you.

Below is a selection of the top wall mount electric fireplace reviews to assist you in finding the best wall mount electric fireplace for your particular needs.

Are Wall-Mounted Fireplaces Safe?

You can potentially save space with a wall-mounted electric fireplace, as installing it directly to the wall frees up most of the floor space.

The remaining area is maintained clear for the safety and convenience of the entire household.

They are odourless and generate no fumes, sparks, or toxic emissions. This makes them suited for any residence and a very secure zone heating option.

In addition, unlike wood fireplaces and typical wood for wood-burning, they do not generate carbon monoxide.

They do not constitute a fire threat, and the flame settings enable them to be personalised and programmed to display various flames.

Electric wall-mounted fireplaces are exceptionally simple to install. There is no chimney or flue required, and minimum upkeep is required.

The wall-mounted fireplace's ease of installation illustrates its effectiveness and convenience.

Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces We Think You’ll Like

Here is a chart comparing the most popular wall-mounted fireplaces. This provides an overview of the various options and makes it easy to compare them.


This is one of the most impressive wall-mounted electric fireplace available.

With the included in-wall installation kit, you have the choice of attaching the R.W Flame Recessed & Wall Mount Fireplace straight into a wall or recessing it for a seamless look.

This wall-mounted electric fireplace with an adjustable wattage between 750W and 1000W may give additional warmth to a 400-square-foot area.

This variable wattage permits more control over heat output and enhanced monitoring of energy use.

This ultrathin, 3.85-inch electric wall fireplace is elegant and beautiful from an aesthetic standpoint.

This allows it to sit flush against the wall when recessed and to protrude minimally when wall-mounted.

In addition, it provides a number of aesthetically pleasing aspects that allow you to create the appropriate mood for the space.

This has the capability to shift between 12 unique LED flame colors and 12 unique bed colors. You may even modify the flame's speed and brightness.

The new touch-screen interface allows selecting flame settings and adjusting heat levels easier than ever before.

You may even do it from the comfort of your armchair using the included remote control.

This wall-mounted electric fireplace features an auto-heat kill that automatically shuts off the heat when the desired temperature is achieved.

In addition, there is a timer option that allows you to program the electric fireplace to switch off after a specified amount of time.

You should not be concerned about this electric fireplace making an excessive amount of noise, since the fan operates in near-silence when in use.

It also has a front-facing vent, allowing it to be fitted in a wall recess without ventilation.


  • Front Panel Touchscreen: This allows for 12 flame and LED flame bed colour options, 5 flame speed settings, and 5 flame brightness levels. 
  • Energy Savings: 750W & 1500W for various rooms and climates, which can be adjusted for both warmth and energy savings.
  • Installation Options: There are both surface-mounted and recessed installation options available. 


  • Maintenance: This fireplace requires upkeep and maintenance to keep it functional.

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If you're seeking the greatest recessed electric fireplace with a range of settings, you should investigate this product more.

The ultramodern Touchstone Sideline Wall Mount Fireplace is intended for in-wall installation and fits in with the walls of your room.

This electric fireplace's outside is similarly sleek and modern, but its inside has glass crystal embers and fake logs that resemble a real fire.

The Touchstone Sideline electric fireplace's maximum heat output of 5,100 BTUs is generated by its 1500W of power over two heat settings (high and low).

This makes it ideal for delivering additional warmth to an area measuring 400 square feet.

In addition, the heating vent is situated directly on the front of the fireplace, allowing warm air to circulate quickly while the borders of the fireplace stay flush with the wall.

This hidden electric fireplace offers two power options for installation. For maximum convenience, plug it into a 120V power outlet.

Alternately, it may be linked to the home's existing wiring if desired.

The orange-to-blue changeable LED flame of this electric fireplace makes it easy to create a realistic look.

For a more realistic impression, you may also pick between five levels of brightness and a combination of both colors.

Using the control panel on the front of the fireplace, manually altering the high and low heat settings, as well as the flame options, is easy.

In addition, the remote control is supplied, letting you make adjustments without getting up.

This wall-mounted electric fireplace has the biggest number of features and widths for a seamless look.


  • Adjustable: This fireplace offers 3 different flame speeds, and has a timer of up to 8 hours. 
  • Smartphone Connectivity: This fireplace can be controlled via your smartphone device.
  • Extra Options: This fireplace includes a log set, driftwood and crystals.


  • Needs Space: Mount the fireplace at least 8 inches below the base of the television.

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The opportunity to enjoy the look of a real flame is among the most alluring characteristics of electric wall fireplaces.

And the Amantii Tru-View XL 3-Sided Electric Wall Fireplace amplifies this delight by offering an uninterrupted view from three separate angles.

This fireplace may be installed directly into a wall or into a recess; the 14 1/4-inch depth ensures that the edges are flush with the wall after installation.

Additionally, there are four installation options: all three sides exposed, the left side exposed, the right side exposed, or only the front panel revealed.

This wall-mounted electric fireplace produces a maximum of 4,800 BTUs and features dual wattage of 750W and 1000W for more control over the level of heat generated.

This makes it a good alternative for providing additional heat to a 400- to 500-square-foot space.

In addition, the variable wattage provides more control over energy use.

Despite using convection heat, this fireplace operates quite quietly. It also boasts a clever ventless design, allowing you to place it in a recess without worrying about trapped hot air.

This wall-mounted electric fireplace is compatible with two different power sources.

You may use the cord to connect it to an electrical outlet, or you can hardwire it directly into your wall and existing wiring. It may also be connected to an external thermostat.

FIRE & ICETM LED lighting produces an unrivaled look of a true flame.

This lighting system produces flames that can be lit in thirteen different colors and combinations, all of which may be selected manually or remotely from the fireplace.

The additional media package adds to the realism. This assortment of logs, pebbles, and ice crystals enables you to create the perfect ambiance in your home.


  • Realistic Effects: The realistic flame lighting effect is generated by ultra-high intensity LED lights.
  • Versatility: Integrated electric fireplace with four installation choices for design flexibility.
  • State-Of-The-Art Flame Presentation: Transition from Yellow to Orange to Red with a click of the remote.


  • Removed Blue Light: To offer a more realistic image of a flame, the blue light has been replaced with a mixture of vivid yellow, orange, and red light.

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The 5 1/2-inch depth of the PuraFlame Alice Electric Fireplace, which is built specifically for in-wall recess installation, allows for a seamless look.

This is one of the best recessed electric fireplaces because of the front-facing vents that run along the top of the fireplace, reducing the need to provide air to the back of the heater.

There are also two heat settings with variable 750W and 1500W power, each of which can give considerable warmth to a 400-square-foot room.

There are two options when it comes to powering this recessed electric fireplace.

Plugging it directly into a standard 110V electrical outlet is the easiest and most convenient option. Or, if you wish to conceal as many cords as possible, you may hardwire it into the wall.

The flames of this fireplace are illuminated by LEDs of the greatest quality, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

There are four separate flame colors and thirteen various fuel bed colors to choose from. You may also choose between a log set and crystal stones as embers.

The flames and colors of the fuel bed may be displayed without the fireplace producing heat, allowing you to create the right ambiance in your room year-round.

The remote control for this recessed electric fireplace makes it simple to select between colors, modes, and heat settings from the comfort of your couch.

This fireplace, constructed from metal and tempered glass, is not only aesthetically beautiful but also incredibly resilient. This makes it a fantastic solution for family homes.

It also has a countdown timer that automatically switches off the fireplace after a certain period of time, making it suited for bedrooms.

In contrast to the earlier evaluation of the wall-mounted PuraFlame Serena electric fireplace, the PuraFlame Alice is designed to fit into a wall recess.

This implies that it cannot be mounted directly to a wall or used independently as a heater.


  • Surface-Mount Options: There are two types of electrical connections: plug-in and hard-wiring. 
  • Realistic Effects: The ultra-bright and realistic flame effect is generated by ultra-high intensity LED lights. Log set or crystal stones are two options for ember bed, depending on your demands.
  • Two Heat Settings: This can efficiently heat a 400-square-foot area. The timer may be set to turn off the fireplace anywhere between 30 minutes and 9 hours.


  • Noise: The controls of this fireplace make a loud beep that cannot be turned off.

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The Napoleon Allure Plug-In Electric Fireplace might be the easiest electric wall-mounted fireplace to install and set up.

Plug it into a 120V socket and quickly mount it on the wall of your choosing.

Additionally, it may be sunken into a wall for a more customized look.

The bracket on this wall-mounted electric fireplace makes installation even easier.

Whether recessed or mounted directly on the wall, ventilation issues will not be a problem. This is because the vents are all located on the front of the heater.

Additionally, the blowers are whisper-quiet, so you won't need to worry about the fireplace working noisily. This makes it ideal for placement in the bedroom and living area.

This wall-mounted electric fireplace's 1500W of power produces up to 5,000 BTUs, making it excellent for 400-square-foot areas that require additional heating.

Based on the national average electricity rate of 13 cents per kilowatt-hour, it should not cost more than $0.20 per hour to operate.

This electric fireplace is lighted throughout its whole length by an array of ultrabright LED lights that produce lifelike flames and an ember bed.

Additionally, there are three flame color options to choose from, and you can combine all three for a really realistic image.

The included remote makes switching between lighting options and heat settings simple and quick.

There are also adjustable settings on the fireplace that allow it to illuminate only when necessary and remain dark otherwise. This shows that they do not diminish the elegance of the design.


  • Sleek Design: This fireplace can be partially recessed.
  • Color Effects: Orange, yellow, blue, and combination flame colours are among the available possibilities.
  • Installation Options: There are both surface-mounted and recessed installation options available. 


  • Maintenance: This fireplace requires upkeep and maintenance to keep it functional.

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Buyer’s Guide

There are several considerations to make while looking for a wall-mounted electric fireplace so that you can choose the finest option for your home.

When selecting a wall-mounted electric fireplace, you should consider the following:

  • Which wall in your home will the electric fireplace be installed on, and, what size fireplace is best?
  • How the fireplace will be fueled.
  • Optional colors for the flame effect and ember bed.
  • The thermostat temperature control and a remote are additional features.
Best Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

Size & Location

Consequently, while picking an electric fireplace for your wall, you will need to consider which width is optimal for its placement.

Numerous varieties of fireplaces are available in various sizes, allowing you to select the ideal one for your home.

Some may also be buried into a wall or used freestanding if you decide to relocate them.

Power Source

Electric fireplaces require power from the home's electrical supply to operate the flame effects and heater.

Some electric wall-mounted fireplaces will include plugs. You must thus install the fireplace on a wall with a standard electrical outlet nearby, or have one installed to accommodate the fireplace's location.

Others will arrive as a direct wire unit that must be wired into your home's electrical system, although many may be purchased with plug kits that allow you to plug the appliance into an electrical outlet rather than wire it in directly.


All wall-mounted electric fireplaces produce attractive flames, so your choice of electric fireplace may depend on your preference for flame effects and the appearance of the ember bed.

Orange and blue are the two most common flame colors.

There may also be fires with beds of coal or rock embers. Logs and glass are the most common ember bed materials, although you may also find fireplaces with coal or rock ember beds.


All of the electric fireplaces on our list include built-in heaters, allowing you to enjoy the flames while keeping the room toasty.

In addition, the fireplaces in this guide warm spaces that are comparable to one another, thus there is minimal variance in the amount of space each model can heat.

You should look for an electric fireplace with thermostatic heat control if you need to keep a constant temperature in a room.

Other Qualities

The majority of these electric fireplaces incorporate a remote control, however, some are more functional than others.

Some remotes may be capable of controlling all of the fireplace's settings, while others may only be able to operate the flame effects or heater.

In addition to flame effects, several models have ambient lighting that contributes to the atmosphere.


Included among the additional choices for your electric wall-mounted fireplace are extended warranties and sound effect systems.

Depending on the model, some may offer additional lighting or a selection of ember bed alternatives.

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