7 Floor-to-Ceiling Fireplace Tile Ideas That Will Make Your Living Room Stand Out

Making your fireplace the focal point of your living room can be difficult as you want it to stand out and look striking in the best way.

Simply installing a fireplace into your room is not enough as you need to make sure that the fireplace works with the rest of the room, but how?

Floor-To-Ceiling Fireplace Tile Ideas (1)

Your fireplace needs to stand out, but how can you make it look unique and stylish?

Tiles have become very popular to use for fireplaces as they offer a sleek and clean finish, and using them from floor to ceiling looks striking and elegant. 

This article will explain floor-to-ceiling fireplace tile ideas for you to use in your own home to make your fireplace look elegant, chic, and stylish.

You can find out more below about how to create this striking feature and add a touch of elegance to your living room. 

Why Use Tiles?

Tiles allow people to get creative with their designs as they come in lots of different colors, patterns, and textures.

They stand out in your living room as they offer a different texture from the other walls, so even if the tiles are the same color, the tiled wall becomes the feature as it is smooth, clean, and unique. 

As tiles come in different textures, patterns, and colors, you can get creative in your living room. You can add splashes of color, bring in different textures, and create a unique feature using patterns that you have chosen yourself.

There are lots of options to consider when using floor-to-ceiling tiles for your fireplace as you can create a feature that is unique to you. 

Floor-To-Ceiling Fireplace Tile Ideas

If you want to explore using floor-to-ceiling tiles for your fireplace, there are several different options that you can choose.

You will want to choose the right sized tiles, the right color, and the right design for your living room, so looking at all the options will help you find the best option for you. 

You can find floor-to-ceiling fireplace tile ideas below!


Mosaic tiles are very pleasing to the eye and have become very popular to be used for fireplaces.

If you decide to use mosaic tiles for your floor-to-ceiling fireplace, you will need to decide if you want the whole feature to be mosaic or if you only want certain parts to be mosaic. 

Using mosaic for the full fireplace will look very intricate and interesting, but some people prefer to have accents of mosaic through the use of larger tiles.

This breaks up the texture and offers depth to the fireplace. It is based on personal preference what you would prefer, but using mosaic is very popular as it is intricate and detailed. 

Lengthened Tiles

When you are deciding what tiles you want for your floor-to-ceiling fireplace, you can explore the different lengths of tiles to create your feature wall.

Lengthened tiles are very unique and they are very creative to use for your floor-to-ceiling fireplace tiles as when they are used horizontally, they contrast the other walls in your living room. 

Positioning the lengthened tiles horizontally can be difficult, but they must be installed correctly. If one of the tiles is not straight, it will ruin the whole look of the fireplace.

Therefore, making sure that the tiles are straight is very important for the overall image. You can find these tiles in different gradients and textures to add more emphasis to the tiles. 

Floor-To-Ceiling Fireplace Tile Ideas (1) (1)

Large Tiles

Large tiles are very popular to use as they provide a clean finish when they have been installed. Another reason why larger tiles are so popular is that you need less of them to cover the area, which can make the job easier.

Although there are fewer tiles to use, you still need to make sure that they are positioned and installed correctly. 

Using larger tiles from the floor to the ceiling requires a slight change in pattern or texture to help the fireplace stand out.

If you use light-colored tiles, you can add patterned tiles either above the mantel or around the fireplace insert to emphasize the fireplace.

You can leave the large tiles as they are, but adding some patterned tiles can bring your fireplace to life. 

Brick Design

Tiles that are shaped like bricks are very popular, especially when the tiles are boldly colored with red, blue, or green.

These tiles can be used for your floor-to-ceiling fireplace tiles, but the installation needs to be perfect to get the full effect.

Positioning the tiles like brickwork can bring a fresh take on an industrial design into your home for a unique feature. 

Using brightly colored tiles for the brickwork feature on your fireplace is a very modern take on an original design.

Lots of fireplaces have exposed brick walls behind them, so using modern tiles to create this look will provide a very dramatic and stylish look for your living room. 

Stone Tiles

Stone walls are very popular to have behind fireplaces as they provide a stark contrast and bring elements of natural materials inside your home.

Using pieces of stone as tiles can create a very striking floor-to-ceiling fireplace that will draw a lot of attention from your guests. 

Cobblestone Tiles

When people are designing their floor-to-ceiling fireplace, they tend to assume that all of the tiles need to look identical to achieve a striking effect.

However, using cobblestone tiles can create a natural look that is unique to your home. You will need to make sure that the stones look like they fit together and that none of them overlap. 

Using pointed stone tiles, round stone tiles, and a variety of other mismatched shapes will create a very natural look in your home. The cobblestone tiles can also be of different sizes to add depth to the fireplace.

A professional will be able to make sure that all of the stones fit together, so you can ask them for advice if you are tiling the wall yourself. 

Stone Veneers

Stone veneers are very popular fireplace designs as they bring a lot of different textures into the room.

If you have smooth neutral walls in your living room, stone veneers can bring natural tones into the room and differentiate the fireplace from the rest of the room due to the texture. 

Choosing the right color of stone veneers (see also ‘Stone Veneer Fireplace Ideas‘) is important for making sure that it fits into your room.

If the stone veneers are off-color to the rest of the room, the fireplace will look disconnected and it won’t seem like a part of the room. Choosing the right tone will bring the room together in perfect form. 

Why Is Texture Important In A Living Room?

Textures are very important in a living room as they create depth and prevent the room from looking flat.

Although textures can be hard to introduce into a room, using them to enhance the fireplace wall is important as it allows the fireplace to be the main focal point of the room.

Even if the fireplace is not at the center of the room, eyes will still be drawn to it. 

The main risk when introducing different textures into the room is that they will look messy and too out of place.

This only happens when too many different textures are added, so it needs to be a carefully planned process. Using tiles will add texture, so you don’t want to add too many more to the rest of the room. 

Are Tiles Good To Use For Floor-To Ceiling Fireplaces?

Yes, tiles are one of the most effective materials to use for floor-to-ceiling fireplaces. You can introduce new textures, patterns, and lengths to the room and help your fireplace take center stage in the room.

The fireplace will have a clean and smooth finish and look incredibly bold. 

Tiles are one of the most popular materials to use for floor-to-ceiling fireplaces as they allow people to get creative.

You can choose from lots of different styles of tiles to enhance your fireplace and create an eye-catching feature in your living room

As there is a wide variety of tiles available to choose from, you will be able to explore lots of different designs to find the right one for you.

This will create depth in the room and introduce different textures and tones into the room to create a well-put-together room. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are many floor-to-ceiling fireplace tile ideas that you can use in your home to create a bold feature that will become a strong focal point in the room.

Using tiles is very popular as they create a very elegant finish in your front room once they have been installed, adding stylish elements to enhance your fireplace. 

Making sure that the tiles fit in with the aesthetics of your room is important for ensuring that the fireplace will not look out of place.

Choosing the right tiles will allow your room to sit together in harmony and not look like parts are not meant to be there. 

Stevie Morris