10 Fireplace Ideas that Will Make You Want to Live in a Scandinavian Cottage

Among the most significant rooms in any house is the living room. People congregate there to exchange memories with relatives and friends. 

The living room is frequently the region of the house that receives the least attention, and it is simple to allow the space to get drab and uninviting. 

Scandinavian Inspired Fireplace Ideas

Your living room can be transformed into a cozy, welcoming atmosphere once more with a few clever Scandinavian fireplace ideas (see also ‘Beach House Fireplace Ideas‘).

White walls, a muted color scheme, and wooden tones are preferred in Scandinavian design, which places an emphasis on functionality and a less-is-more attitude to interior décor. 

Since winter days in this region are cold and lengthy, lasting about 20 hours, a focus on producing bright and welcoming rooms has always been crucial. 

This is how the majority of Scandi design has developed. Scandinavian design is for you if you like the way modern interiors look yet want to work with warmer undertones.

The centerpiece of most Scandinavian homes is a fireplace, which provides ambient light and warmth while softening the angular surfaces of their basic interiors. 

Their hearths follow the same guidelines for Scandi design in general: nothing overly extravagant or distracting. Look no further if you’re searching for suggestions on how to include a fireplace to replicate some of that wonderful Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian-style Fireplace Design Ideas

1. Decorate Your Fireplace Candelabra

Your fireplace candelabra can be decorated with fabric. Although you won’t always have the candles lit, keeping a fireplace candelabra burning in a fireplace can produce a cosy glow and an enticing flicker. 

Therefore, you can use fabric to add a little color at the periods when you don’t. Purchase a small quantity; approximately a yard ought to be sufficient in a color and pattern that coordinates with the remainder of your home’s furnishings. 

Simply wrap your fabric around, within, and outside of the candelabrum’s spindles. At irregular intervals, let a portion of the fabric gather and billow out. 

You can create a lovely centerpiece very fast by tucking the ends and edges. Relight the candles, but don’t forget to take the fabric off first.

Do you decorate for a particular event or holiday? Don’t forget to switch out the candles in the fireplace candelabra’s color! This approach is so simple, but it works quite well.

Consider the hues that are typically associated with the time of year, like pale greens or pinks for spring or red, white, or blue for the 4th of July.

Scandinavia fireplace with candles

By simply altering the size and style of your candles, you could offer the fireplace candelabra an expert designer appearance. 

Consider utilizing a variety of column candle sizes at once. Alternatively, you might use some globe candles up front and a few column candles behind them. Fireplace candelabra without center pins go great with tea light candles.

Consider putting a candelabrum over your mantel if you have an electric or gas fireplace (see also ‘Gas Vs Electric Fire Compared‘) and do not want to take the fake logs out during the warm season. Actually, this fireplace decoration is really traditional. 

Use fireplace candelabra designed for zero clearance or smaller fireplaces. You can just as easily put a fireplace candelabra on the hearth if you don’t have a mantel. 

For an extra special touch, add some greenery throughout the spring, perhaps a few fall leaves throughout the autumn, and several pine needles or cones in the winter.

2. Include A Round Mirror

For Scandinavian design, round mirrors are a common choice for fireplace mantel decorations. Curves are currently very popular and give any interior design a softness. Consider putting a circle mirror on the mantle of your fireplace. 

Lean it against the wall using a small stand, and accent the space with green sprigs. For a sleek and simple appearance, you may also put the mirror on a wall directly above the fireplace.

3. Leave It Empty

By keeping the fireplace mantel vacant, home owners can also achieve a hygge-meets-Scandinavian aesthetic in their residence. Many Scandinavian homes lack a mantel, leaving the area unfinished and unadorned. 

Designers emphasize cozy and comfy interior items in hygge. So consider keeping your fireplace mantel empty for a Nordic-inspired mantle that is both uncomplicated and cozy. 

This works well with stone fireplaces that already have a built-in mantelpiece made of wood. Rich and warm-toned, the wood serves as a gorgeous piece of decor all by itself.

4. Use Wood To Decorate

It’s preferable to keep things clear and uncomplicated whilst using wood to get a Nordic aesthetic. As we indicated above, utilize a wood mantelpiece as your only decor or stack a few little logs on the mantel. 

As an alternative, building a shelf into the wall beside your fireplace can be a great opportunity. Put bundles of wood for the fireplace within the built-in. 

You could also employ racks to stockpile firewood nearby instead of the built-in. Wooden accents offer an earthy touch that appears rugged and natural without being overpowering.

Scandinavian Fireplace with wood decor.

5. Make Use Of Metallic Accents

Metallic details elevate any design, but they appear especially gorgeous when combined with organic materials such as wood and plants. Use metal containers, picture frames, platters, or clocks to assist your design incorporate some fine metalwork. 

To lessen the industrial sense of metallic artifacts, silver and copper hues work much better in Nordic décor and should be matched with plants, sprigs, or wood logs.

6. Use Antlers Or Plenty Of Other Rustic Accents

Of course, utilizing antlers or other similar components can be a beautiful way to bring the outside in while retaining Scandinavian design simplicity if you like a more rustic appearance to your Nordic design. 

Scandinavian Inspired Fireplace Ideas

Place metallic and opaque ceramic jars next to antlers immediately on top of the fireplace mantle. Alternately, place antlers just above your mantle and leave that area empty to give your design a sense of fluidity.

Regardless of how you decide to incorporate Nordic design into your house, you can always be sure that your furnishings will exude warmth and simplicity. It’s essential to adopt a minimalist strategy to pull off the appearance.

7. Lay Glass Beads Under The Fireplace Candelabra

This approach is also straightforward but has a striking result. Acquire some glass beads in the same hue as your house furnishings at your neighborhood craft store. Glass beads in transparent can also be used as a flexible alternative.

Put the beads on a plate and set it next to your fireplace candelabra. To obscure the tray’s edges, scatter some beads all over it. Your candles’ light will be reflected by the beads into a countless number of shimmering points of fascination. 

With this, be imaginative. For a particular holiday, use colorful beads, and for a romantic evening, use red beads. There are countless options.

8. Scented Candles To Create Ambience

You can decorate your fireplace candelabra with lavender or vanilla-scented candles to promote relaxation and calmness in your home. Try some sandalwood or jasmine aroma to set a romantic vibe.

Use apples and cinnamon for a cozy, domestic atmosphere. Aromatherapy can be used to improve almost any mood. Have fun while being inventive.

9. Take Your Scandi Fireplace Outdoors

So, even if you may not be able to use an outside fireplace during winter in Scandinavia, those who live in more temperate areas can still benefit from a classic alternative. 

If you own a patio, furnish it with the minimal necessities for the ideal outdoor living room, such as a teak sofa, a leather seat, and a background of greenery.

Typically, candelabra designed for a fireplace are rather durable. They are often constructed from wrought iron or another strong material. They are therefore perfect for usage outside. Make your patio table’s centerpiece your fireplace candelabra. 

You can employ a candelabrum made for a modest fireplace if your picnic table is long. Consider decorating the sides of your entrance door or back door with a pair of candelabra. 

Votive candles enclosed in glass can be used if you are concerned that wind gusts will cause your candles to blow out, but this method won’t work if your candelabra has center pins.

10. Install A Reclaimed Wood Mantel

A stylish yet approachable Scandinavian fireplace idea can be created using whitewashed brick and a reclaimed wood mantel.

The room could be finished with classic Scandi features including large windows, a monochromatic color scheme, and understated furnishings.

Final Thoughts

Scandi style’s gentle appearance is based on earthy tones. This is made easier when a wood burner is the focal point of your living area, particularly when it pertains to log storage. A natural color scheme is complemented by having firewood on display.

You may have noticed that a Scandi room tends to have a “natural” motif. Soft furnishings or accessories can reflect this. 

It is uncommon to come across a Scandi space that doesn’t experiment with texture; you may achieve this by adding layered throws and pillows made of thick knits and faux fur.

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