Bringing the Heat: How to Use an Electric Fireplace Outdoors

Electric fireplaces operate differently from other types of fireplaces because there is no true flame, but if they have the correct qualities, they can be suitable to be used outside.

Using An Electric Fireplace Outside

Can you use your electric fireplace outdoors? There are numerous varieties of electric fireplaces available to meet various demands.

Only outdoor-rated electric fireplaces may be used outside. Indoor-only electric fireplaces should only be used inside, but outdoor-rated fireplaces can be placed both indoors and outside. 

Electric fireplaces that are intended for outdoor use often feature some type of weather protection, like a weatherproof shell.

Not all electric fireplaces are suitable for outdoor use. Most electric fireplaces are only intended for indoor usage, so if you want to use one outside, you’ll need an outdoor-rated model.

The reasons why just a select few electric fireplaces may be used outside as well as which ones can are covered in greater detail below. 

We also talk about the problems with using an indoor-rated electric fireplace outside as well as whether your own electric fireplace is appropriate for outdoor use.

Can An Electric Fireplace Be Used Outside?

An electric fireplace must be outdoor-rated in order to be used outside.

This means that, as opposed to being used inside, the fireplace may be safely utilised outside in wetter weather.

Because there is no actual fire inside, an electric fireplace differs from a wood or gas fireplace. Instead, electric fireplaces simulate crackling flames by reflection of light off revolving mirrors while supplying additional heat from a regular space heater.

An electrical source is necessary for your electric fireplace to function.

For most electric fireplaces to operate, all that is required is to hook the power cord into a nearby regular electrical outlet.

It might be necessary to hard-wire certain types of electric fireplaces into the home’s electrical system, particularly those that are designed to be more permanent fixtures.

In either case, an electric fireplace requires an electricity source to give your home the feel and appearance of a real fireplace.

The electrical components of an electric fireplace must be suitably shielded from any rainy conditions in order for it to be utilised safely outside.

Because they won’t be waterproof and rated for outside usage, the vast bulk of electric fireplaces on the market aren’t suitable for outdoor use. Consider purchasing an electric fireplace that is approved for outdoor usage if you plan to use it outside.

Outdoor Electric Fireplace Models

Popular models of outdoor-rated electric fireplaces are offered by reputable manufacturers like:

  • Touchstone
  • Amantii
  • Remi

The weatherproof cover on the Touchstone electric fireplaces allows for outdoor use, but it is unable to generate additional heat.

The electric fireplaces in the Amantii Panorama range are approved for outdoor usage, however a cover is required. Even when used outside, the electric fires are able to produce heat.

How Do These Outdoor Electric Fireplaces Work?

In general, electric fireplaces heat a room in one of two ways:

  • Forced air heating
  • Heating using infrared

The way a fan forced heater operates is by forcing air over a heat element; this forces warmer air into the space. Even when the electric fire has been turned off, the air in the room continues to be warm.

Choose the Amantii Panorama line of electric fireplaces if you’re seeking an outdoor fireplace that can also generate extra heat.

Their well-known built-in electric fireplaces come in deep versions that are suitable for outdoor use and frequently include fan-forced heaters that may be used inside or out.

For instance, the 50-Inch Built-In Electric Fireplace from their Indoor & Outdoor Series can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Using the provided plug-kit, you may hard-wire this electric fireplace into your electrical system or just plug it into a nearby outlet. The fireplace also includes a remote control that you may use to operate all of its features.

One thing to keep in mind when buying any of these Amantii Panorama models of outdoor electric fires is that you must also buy the Outdoor Cover if you intend to use the fireplace outside.

When not in use, this steel cover shields the front of the firebox of the electric fireplace.

You can install an electric fireplace outside and utilise it to create a beautiful seating area on your porch. After a hectic day, you may unwind with the help of this lovely, modern flame’s spectacular show. 

Using An Electric Fireplace Outside (1)

With a variety of flame colour options available, you can design a style that exactly matches your mood or switch it up whenever you wish.

A form of electric fireplace called a wall mount is intended to be put on the face of a wall, while some types can be fully or partially sunken into a wall to give the illusion that they are built in. 

To avoid sticking out too far away from the wall, they are made to be as slim as possible. They can nevertheless produce stunning flame effects and heat your home (or garden) even though they may be narrower than other varieties of fireplaces.

Some wall mount electric fires are rated for outdoor use, though not all of them are.

This Touchstone Sideline Indoor & Outdoor 80017 Electric Fireplace is one illustration. Its waterproof shell qualifies it for outdoor use.

This specific style of electric fireplace can be hard-wired in or connected into an electrical outlet. The waterproof housing prevents it from producing heat.

It’s simple to add the secure, affordable, and atmospheric lighting of an electric fireplace to your entertainment space (see also ‘Adding An Electric Fireplace In Entertainment Centre‘) with this fireplace that has been approved for outdoor usage. 

The fireplace only needs to be plugged in to start working; it may either be simply mounted on the wall or completely sunken.

Final Thoughts

Some electric fireplace models can be placed outside. When purchasing an electric fireplace, be sure it is approved for outdoor use if you plan to install it outside.

Most electric fires on the market at the moment cannot be used outdoors due to safety concerns. Therefore, it is necessary to utilise an outdoor-rated electric fireplace.

Electric fireplaces made for outdoor usage are often built-in or wall-mounted, meaning they are attached to or built into an outside wall.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with a couple of good examples of electric fireplace models you can use outside.

Stevie Morris