Bio Ethanol Fires: Safety Tips and Best Practices

When you are installing a fireplace in your home, there are lots of options when it comes to the fuel that you can use for your fire.

You can go with traditional gas or coal. You could get a gas fire or an electric fire. Alternatively, you could install a bio ethanol fire.

Are Bioethanol Fires Safe?

Bio ethanol is a type of fuel that can be used for domestic fires. But what bio ethanol fuel? What is it made from? Is it safe to burn?

If you want to know more about bio ethanol fuel then you are in the right place.

We have put together this useful information to help you decide whether it is the right fuel choice for you. Keep reading to find out more. 

What Is Bio Ethanol Fuel?

Bio ethanol fuel, also referred to as ethanol, is a natural fuel made from vegetables which have been fermented into alcohol using sugar and certain enzymes.

Common ingredients used for bio ethanol are corn, wheat, sugar beets and molasses, but you can use fruit waste, potatoes etc – anything that can be used to make an alcoholic drink. 

After the vegetable matter has been fermented it needs to be distilled and then dried. This process uses a lot of energy and heat. 

Is Bio Ethanol Fuel Good For The Environment? 

Bio ethanol fuel is considered to be sustainable and better for the environment than gas fires.

It doesn’t cause deforestation and habitat destruction like some wood companies do, and it is not a fossil fuel.

It is often made using waste produce which is very environmentally friendly. 

However, due to the amount of energy required to produce bio ethanol fuel, it can still cause environmental harm.

If the company producing the fuel uses up precious natural resources to create it and release harmful byproducts into the environment then the fuel could be doing more harm than good.

Make sure that you check which company you purchase the fuel from and ensure that they are an environmentally conscious company who are taking steps to become sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Are Bio Ethanol Fires Safe? 

Are Bioethanol Fires Safe

If you have never used bio ethanol fuel before then you might be dubious about whether it is safe. Bio ethanol fires are actually extremely safe.

As long as you get good quality fuel from a reputable company then it is very stable and safe to use in your home.

You need to make sure that your fireplace is compatible with bio ethanol fuel as it is not suitable for all fireplaces.

If you want to make sure that the fuel will be suitable and of a good quality, you could buy it from the company that you purchased your fireplace from. 

Bio Ethanol Emissions 

One of the safety concerns you may have is about the emissions released when you burn bio ethanol. Bio ethanol fuel produces three byproducts – water, heat, and carbon dioxide.

Bio ethanol fireplaces are designed to collect the water, so this is not an issue. The heat is the desired outcome of the fire and is very effective.

The carbon dioxide emitted is a very small amount- much smaller than traditional types of fuels. This means that it is safer but it is also better for the environment.

There are no harmful chemicals released into the air, such as the emissions from other types of fuel that are linked to causing cancer and other health conditions. 

Risk Of Injury

There is always a certain element of risk involved when you are creating an open fire. bio ethanol is a flammable material – it has to be or it wouldn’t be an effective type of fuel!

This means that you need to be very careful when handling it. Make sure that you don’t overfill the ethanol burner, and clean up any spillages immediately and thoroughly. 

You should never pour bio ethanol fuel onto a fire – it should only be used to start the fire, not make it bigger or stronger.

It is not safe to use to encourage an outdoor fire – it should only be used in an indoor fireplace with a designated bio ethanol burner.

Make sure that the fireplace has cooled down completely before you refill the bio ethanol burner. 

Coming Into Contact With Bio Ethanol 

Bio ethanol is a form of alcohol which means that you should always wear appropriate safety gear when handling bio ethanol – goggles, gloves, and long clothing that covers your skin.

If your skin comes into contact with bio ethanol then it can cause burning, stinging, irritation, redness and pain. If this does happen, rinse your skin with cool water and seek medical attention. 

You should be careful to avoid getting bio ethanol in your eyes. It can be harmful to eyes and could cause an injury or possibly long term side effects.

If you get any bio ethanol in your eyes then rinse them carefully for 10 minutes and seek medical advice as soon as possible. 

Why Choose A Bio Ethanol Fire? 

There are lots of benefits to using a bio ethanol fire: 

  • Safety – Bio ethanol fuel is considered to be one of the safest types of fuel.
  • Emissions – Bio ethanol fuel does not release any harmful emissions.
  • Environment – Bio ethanol fuel is made using natural waste products. It releases much less carbon dioxide than traditional types of fuel. 
  • Smoke – Burning bio ethanol fuel does not release any smoke. This means that you don’t need to pay the extra cost of installing a chimney. You also don’t need to worry about your house, furniture, curtains, or clothing smelling of fire smoke when you don’t want them to. 
  • Sustainable – Bio ethanol fuel is a sustainable resource which means that you can keep using it for years to come. This makes a bio ethanol fire a future-proof choice for your home. 


You might be unsure about using bio ethanol fuel if you have never come across it before.

However, it is a very safe type of fuel. Installing a bio ethanol fireplace in your home is a safe and environmentally friendly choice which you will not regret.

You should always be careful when dealing with an open fire, but your bio ethanol fire will be just as safe, if not safer, than a traditional fire.

Stevie Morris