Sustainable Flames: The Benefits of Bio Ethanol Fire Pits

Fire pits have become staple additions to outdoor areas, but they come in so many different designs that people can find it difficult to choose what style they want.

A Guide To Bioethanol Fire Pits

There are lots to consider if you are looking for a fire pit, and the word Bio ethanol may have come up a few times during your search. 

If you have come across bio ethanol fire pits but you are unsure what they mean, you will need to know more about them before purchasing one.

There are lots of benefits to owning a bio ethanol fire pit, but what are they and why should you purchase one?

This article will explain more about bio ethanol fire pits and why you should be considering one if you are currently shopping around for fire pits.

You can find out more about the benefits of owning one and see what difference a Bio ethanol fire pit would make to your life. 

What Does Bio Ethanol Mean?

A bio ethanol fire pit means that the fire pit uses bio ethanol, which is a fuel that burns clean and is renewable.

Bio ethanol fuel is green energy that is formed from fermented sugar and starch from plant by-products, often using grain and sugarcane. 

As the fuel burns clean, this means that there is no smoke when you are burning a bio ethanol fire pit, which lots of people prefer.

No smoke means that there is no irritation from smoke in the air and there is no smell that clings to your clothes after you have sat around a fire pit. 

Are There Many Benefits To Having A Bio Ethanol Fire Pit?

Easy To Install 

Bio ethanol fire pits are very easy to install as you do not need to install a flue to get rid of smoke from the fire pit as bio ethanol fire pits do not produce smoke.

There are more options for installing them and less hassle as you can install them wherever you want, bringing your vision to life so that you are happy with your fire pit. 

Environmentally Friendly

The main benefit of having a bio ethanol fire pit is that they are more environmentally friendly than fire pits that burn coal or gas.

The fumes from the fire pit do not produce smoke nor do they release harmful chemicals into the air, making them a lot more eco-friendly and kind to the environment. 

You Do Not Need Gas Or Electricity

Fire pits that run off bio ethanol fuel do not require gas or electricity, making them a lot easier to run.

They should continue to work if you have a power cut as they run off bio ethanol fuel, so not having electricity shouldn’t make a difference. 

Can Bio Ethanol Fire Pits Be Used Inside?

Bio ethanol fire pits can only be used inside if the model that you have states that it can be used inside.

Despite the fire pits not burning smoke, do not use a bio ethanol fire pit indoors if the manufacturer states that it cannot be used inside.

Only some bio ethanol fire pits can be used inside, but others have been designed so that they can be used anywhere.

When a bio ethanol fireplace states that it can be used indoors, it is safer to use than a traditional fire as you will not be inhaling toxic chemicals as they do not produce smoke.

You need to be careful when you are lighting the fire pit as you do not want to get burnt or injure yourself, so make sure that you read the manual before continuing to set up the fire pit. 

Do Bio Ethanol Fire Pits Produce Heat?

A Guide To Bioethanol Fire Pits 

Bio ethanol fire pits do give off heat and can keep you warm if you and your guests are sat around one during the evening.

They produce real flames, so you need to make sure that you are sitting a safe distance away from the flames to avoid getting burnt. 

You will need to sit around the fire pit at a suitable distance away from the flames to avoid getting too hot, but close enough that you will also feel the benefits.

They are perfect to be around during a chilled evening, but you need to remain safe as they are real flames, so being responsible is important. 

Tips For Owning A Bio Ethanol Fire Pit

As there are lots of benefits to owning a bio ethanol fire pit, there are some tips that you should consider when owning one. 

Purchase A Protective Cover

If the fire pit is being stored outside, buying a cover is important for protecting it.

The cover will protect the fire pit from different weather conditions, protecting the material and preventing it from becoming damaged or scratched.

Although the bio ethanol fire pit will be made from strong materials, you should still protect it. 

Install A Safety Screen

Having a safety screen installed on your fire pit will form a barrier between you and the flames, reducing the chances of any injuries.

If you have children or pets, you will need to watch them carefully around the fire pit, even if you have a safety screen.

The safety screen will also protect the flames from the wind, keeping them burning for longer. 

Use The Right Fuel

Check what bio ethanol fuel you need to use in your fire pit as some models require you to use a certain type of bio ethanol fuel.

If you do not use the correct fuel, your fire pit may not work and you could damage it. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, a bio ethanol fire pit is more environmentally friendly than a traditional fire pit as it burns clean and uses fuel that is formed from plant by-products.

It does not release smoke in the air, making it safer to have around than a traditional fire pit, as you will not be inhaling toxic chemicals. 

You should only use the bio ethanol fire pit indoors if the manufacturer states that you can, so read the manual carefully.

You need to be careful around the fire pit as it produces real flames, so keep a close eye on children and pets.

Stevie Morris