Gas Fireplace Troubles? Who to Contact for Repairs

Gas fireplaces are becoming much more popular in recent years as people no longer want to have to manage an open fire throughout the night.

Who Repairs Gas Fireplaces?

Traditional fireplaces are difficult to light, more difficult to keep lit, and can serve as hazards if you live with pets or small children. 

Gas fireplaces on the other hand are a lot easier to manage, but you’ve got one, who do you call if it malfunctions? The answer will be fully explained here: 

Who Can Service Your Gas Fireplace? 

Due to the fact that these types of fireplaces deal with gas and propane, it is absolutely vital that you get them repaired and serviced by licensed technicians who know what they’re doing.

Probably the best option is to talk to the people that installed your fireplace to begin with, these will be professional gas installation specialists and they should be able to help. You could also consider whoever usually services your gas heating or fireplace.

An alternative, is looking for a HVAC contractor. Many of these are trained on the servicing and repair of gas fireplaces. These technicians will be able to quickly diagnose any leaks or other malfunctions, ensuring that you and your family are safe to use your fireplace once he’s gone.

It is important that you use qualified professionals when working on gas.

Can I Call A Plumber?

You might have heard that you can call a plumber to help with your gas fireplace and I’m here to say that this is correct.

As well as licensed gas fireplace technicians, you could also contact an experienced plumber who has worked with anything related to propane and gas before.

Plumbers might specialize in drains and water, but many are also qualified to install and repair gas fireplaces professionally. 

A plumber should be able to help you detect issues with your gas supply, move existing gas lines, and support you through the whole repair or installation process. 

Tips For Finding And Choosing A Reputable Gas Fireplace Repair Professional

Ask friends and family. This is a winner as family and friends would only recommend those they trust. Word of mouth is how many gas repair specialists find new work. If they know they’ve been recommended they may help out that little bit extra, not to lose two customers with inferior work.

Check out their reviews online. These can be faked, so don’t solely rely on them, but they will help build a picture.

And don’t forget, get a detailed estimate before they start.

Why Should You Get Your Gas Fireplace Serviced? 

If you use your fireplace a lot, particularly through cold winters, then you might start to find that they get less efficient, and sometimes you can start to smell gas even when the fireplace is off.

If you think that you can smell a gas leak it is imperative that you contact a professional as soon as possible, as gas leaks can be a major fire hazard, as well as bad for your health if you’re breathing it a lot. 

Getting your gas fireplace serviced frequently will reduce the chance of malfunctions and ensure that your fireplace is working as well as it can. Here are other things that a professional will do when they come to service your fireplace. 

Clear Debris

After heavy use, you might find that your fireplace has built up a lot of debris, such as ceramic, or faux log inserts which might end up clinging to the sides. This debris can end up clogging your vents which becomes a major safety risk. 

Your technician will be able to clear this out pretty easily and keep your fireplace hazard free. 

Check For Leaks

An important part of having a gas fireplace is to make sure that you routinely have someone in that can check for leaks and examine the firebox, lines, and gas logs to check for damage or wear and tear. 

Sometimes, valves and connections develop leaks just because of time, but they need to be dealt with as soon as they can to keep you all safe. 

Who Repairs Gas Fireplaces?

Checking Ventilation

As well as clearing debris, a technician, or plumber will test the ventilation system and chimney to check that everything is working properly.

Moisture, such as rain or humidity, can often cause the chimney to deteriorate, and if cracks form then the carbon monoxide from your gas fire could end up leaking into your room and expose yourself or your family to the harmful fumes. 

Check The Decor

In recent years, more and more gas fireplaces have included nice decor, such as faux and ceramic logs that have been painted to look real. These give the fireplace an authentic look, but also add an element of complexity to the whole thing. 

It’s vital that you don’t rearrange the logs, as this can have a detrimental effect on the efficiency of your fireplace and cause damage. If the logs are misplaces, you must get a licensed and insured gas technician or a plumber in to put them back in their proper alignment. 

Get The Best Efficiency 

Gas fireplaces are popular because of the low maintenance requirements, however, you should absolutely get them checked out by a professional at least once a year to make sure that nothing is wrong with the system. 

This will not only keep you and your family safe from any gas malfunctions, but also extends the life of your gas fireplace because you are ensuring that it is working to its full potential at all times and not deteriorating. 

What Happens During A Service? 

Once you’ve scheduled a service from a licensed professional or plumber, they will be able to come into your home and quickly determine whether there is anything wrong with your fireplace, such as leaks, or blockages to the ventilation system. 

Whilst servicing the fireplace, your technician will clean the fan and air passage of any dust to reduce the chances of blockages, and run a short series of tests to ensure that the unit is working at peak efficiency. 

After they have determined whether the ventilation is working properly, your technician will then move to check the gas pressure of the fireplace. Here they will make sure that there are no leaks. 

Once they have ensured that the whole system is safe to use and working as it should, they will clean the glass and give everything a final wipe down. Finally, they will replace the logs to guarantee that there are no gas leaks in the room. 

They will also make sure that you have working carbon monoxide detectors in your home. 

Always Hire A Professional

Gas can be very dangerous if handled incorrectly, please always hire a professional for any work. 

Stevie Morris